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Bus – since Montenegro is a small, growing country, its capital (Podgorica), despite the fact that it’s the country’s largest city, has a population of just 150,000 residents. Incredibly, for those staying in downtown Podgorica, one can get by with walking to many relevant places in the area (including the Mall of Montenegro – which even has a Ramada hotel on-site). For those going further out, there are a number of bus lines:
Bus N°6 runs from the bus and train stations to Hotel Crna Gora, the main bus hub in the city centre. Buses N°4, 5, 8 and 9 run from there to the city hospital, while buses N°7 and 4 run west to the Novi Grad business area. Buses N°1, 7, 8 and 9 run to the market. Buses depart from their terminal (Trg Golootočkih žrtava) every 30 minutes or so, starting at the top and bottom of the hour. Buy a ticket on board for €0.80.

Note: local bus service is limited, and the local infrastructure is not developed enough to offer maps of their routes. One is best advised to ask locals for more information.




TAXI – for those staying in the capital (Podgorica), taxis are probably the best way to get around, due to the limited public transportation (bus) services available there. Fares run at around €.40 per km (with total fare running at around €5, due to the relatively small size of Podgorica).

Here are phone numbers for taxi services in Podgorica:

City: +382 197 11
DeLux: +382 197 06
Elite: +382 197 08
President: +382 197 22
Red Line: +382 197 14
Royal: +382 197 02

The following are taxi companies that serve Kodor:

Ðir Taxi: +382 19737
Red Taxi: +382 67 635 209
Taxi Kodor: +382 69 049 763
Terrae Taxi: +382 69 444 334


The following are taxi companies that serve Budva:

Eco Taxi: +382 19567
Terrae Taxi: +382 67 248 899
VIP Taxi: +382 19666